Mail-Orders: The Fiction Of Letters In Postmodern Culture

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Mail-Orders: The Fiction Of Letters In Postmodern Culture


While the advent and structure of electronic mail has been discussed in web caucuses, newspapers, hypertext theory, and communication theory, it has not yet been considered in conjunction with epistolary scenarios in film, art, and literature. To address this gap, Mail-Orders explores the status of the epistolary form at the end of the twentieth century and its connections to feminist criticism, literary theory, and post-modernism. One of the first works to consider electronic mail in relation to the history of epistolary fiction, Mail-Orders concerns itself with individual letters, as well as fiction written in letter form, and widens the debate on the often postulated death of letters" by considering the epistolary connections between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries' systems of communication and representation.

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State University of New York Press

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