Caring Communities For Radical Change: What Can Feminist Political Ecology Bring To Degrowth?

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Contours Of Feminist Political Ecology


In this chapter, we share the insights of feminist political ecology (FPE) for degrowth, building from the debates on “caring communities for radical change” at the 8th International Degrowth Conference in August 2021. We discuss how FPE links to the principles of degrowth as an academic and activist movement and why it is necessary to take feminist political ecology perspectives on care and caring communities in resisting, questioning, and counteracting the structural racial, gender, and wider social inequalities that uphold and are perpetuated by growth-dependent economic systems. As we critically reflect on the experiences of paid versus unpaid, collectivised versus feminised care work, we argue that care is crucial to social and ecological reproduction in order to build just, sustainable and convivial societies.


Caring communities, Feminist degrowth, Health, Caring commons, Kinship, Environmental justice, Earthcare

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Palgrave Macmillan


W. Harcourt, A. Agostino, R. Elmhirst, M. Gómez, P. Kotsila

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