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Sandra Cisneros’ Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories (1991) is assigned frequently in high school and undergraduate courses in English and American literature, Latinx literature, and other classes. This essay presents teaching strategies for Cisneros’ short fiction by focusing on two stories that explore childhood—“Eleven” and “Barbie-Q”—and two that treat difficult passages into adulthood, “Woman Hollering Creek” and “Little Miracles, Kept Promises.”

Intended to be used in conjunction with Optional Online Research Projects On Four Stories In Sandra Cisneros' "Woman Hollering Creek And Other Stories."


American literature, Latino/a studies, American studies, teaching and learning, contemporary literature, short story, U.S. Latino literature, Sandra Cisneros

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This lesson plan covers the following stories: "Eleven," "Barbie-Q," "Little Miracles, Kept Promises," and "Woman Hollering Creek."