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Lesson Plan

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Spring 2019


A lesson plan for teaching this novel to college and university students. Learning Goals. Students will: understand how the narrator guides reader's interpretation of the story; understand how to read dialogue and how it contributes to characterization; explore the complexity of the themes present in the story and the characters Whitehead has created; understand how to annotate key references to things outside of the text and apply these back to the main text. Necessary Preparation: The teacher should have familiarized him or herself with Whitehead's The Underground Railroad before the first lesson. It is also important that the teacher review definitions of different forms of narration (given below). This lesson plan is designed to be split into two days of class, but may be adapted as necessary for other teaching schedules.

Collaborative project with Swarthmore College student, Amelia Tomei, with Professor Peter Schmidt, as a final assignment in English 052C, "Towards a More Perfect Union: Contemporary U.S. Fiction," spring 2019.


American literature, history, Amerian Studies, English literature, American American literature, Underground Railroad, African American studies, contemporary literature, science fiction and fantasy, Colson Whitehead, Neo-Slave Narrative, slave narratives, slavery in literature

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