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Lesson Plan

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Fall 2018


A lesson plan for teaching this story to high school or college and university students. Developed by a Swarthmore College student, Samantha Martin, with feedback from Professor Peter Schmidt, as a final assignment in English 71D, "The Short Story in the U.S.," fall 2018.


American literature, teaching and learning, American modernism, alcohol studies, short stories, F. Scott Fitzgerald, alcohol addiction

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Details and Pre-class Assignments: The following lesson plan is designed for students of the college and university level during two 1 hour and 15-minute class periods or one 3-hour class period. However, if abbreviated, this lesson plan could focus more in depth on certain aspects of the story and only span one class period. Students should come to class having read “An Alcoholic Case” 1 and the following article "Fitzgerald vs. Fitzgerald: 'An Alcoholic Case,'" by George Monteiro. Students should be encouraged to take notes on any additional biographical information they may find as they see it relates to the story, as this will be useful for class discussion.