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Spring 2016

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Swarthmore Collaboration Seminar


This is a collectively-built, in-progress syllabus for a faculty seminar on the topic of collaboration at Swarthmore College, Spring 2016. Topics include competing definitions of collaboration across disciplines, formal and informal collaboration, rich descriptions of collaboration, metrics and measures of collaborations, digital and analog tools for collaboration, literary and historical forms of collaboration, cost/benefit analyses of collaboration, crossinstitutional collaborations, institutional versus individual collaborations, collaboration narratives, failed or tragic collaborations, and teaching collaborations. Seminar members include statisticians, historians, psychologists, visual artists, literary critics, physicists, philosophers, engineers, education studies researchers, linguists, art historians, and computer scientists. Our format will accommodate both discussions of readings based on the syllabus as well as small experiments, and planning for possible future related projects.


This work is also available as a living document.

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