Document Type

Book Review

Publication Date

Winter 2002

Published In

Studies In The Novel


Review Of "'Huckleberry Finn' As Idol And Target: The Functions Of Criticism In Our Time" By J. Arac, "Mark Twain" By K. Burns, "The Jim Dilemma: Reading Race In 'Huckleberry Finn'" By J. Chadwick-Joshua, "Proper Mark Twain" By L. Krauth, "'Huckleberry Finn; Or, Consequences'" By S. Margolis, "Black, White And 'Huckleberry Finn': Re-Imagining The American Dream" By E. Mensh And H. Mensh, And "Refiguring 'Huckleberry Finn'" By C. F. Wieck
This work is freely available courtesy of Johns Hopkins University Press.