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Latin American Research Review


Reviewed Works: "Debt-Equity Swaps And Foreign Direct Investment In Latin America" By J. Bergsman And W. Edisis, "La Crisis De La Deuda Latinoamerica Frente A Los Precedentes Historicos" By G. Biggs, "Lost Promises: Debt, Austerity, And Development In Latin America" By W. L. Canak, "The Debt Threat" By T. Congdon, "The Loan Pushers: The Role Of Commercial Banks In The International Debt Crisis" By W. Darity, Jr. And B. L. Horn, "A Fate Worse Than Debt: The World Financial Crisis And The Poor" By S. George, "Managing World Debt" By S. Griffith-Jones, "Between Bailout And Breakdown: A Modular Approach To Latin America's Debt Crisis" By W. Guttman, "Foreign Investment, Debt, And Economic Growth In Latin America" By A. Jorge And J. Salazar-Carrillo, "Latin American Debt" By P.-P. Kuczynski, "Two Crises: Latin America And Asia, 1929-38 And 1973-83" By A. Maddison, "Latin America's Debt Crisis: Adjusting To The Past Or Planning For The Future? New Approaches To The Latin American Debt Crisis" By J. D. Sachs, "Developing Country Debt And The World Economy" By J. D. Sachs, "World Debt: Who Is To Pay?" By J. Schatan, "Banker To The Third World: U.S. Portfolio Investment In Latin America, 1900-1986" By B. Stallings, "Debt And Democracy In Latin America" By B. Stallings, "The Failure Of The International Debt Strategy" By K. E. Svendsen, "Rekindling Development: Multinational Firms And Third World Debt" By L. A. Tavis, "Latin America At The Crossroads: Debt, Development, And The Future" By H. J. Wiarda, And "Voluntary Approaches To Debt Relief" By J. Williamson

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