The Design And Implementation Of The Supported Work Evaluation

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The National Supported Work Demonstration


Work status is the central defining characteristic in the American social structure. A basic presumption ofmost social commentators has been that low work status generates social ills—bad health, alienation, disintegrating family structure, crime. Those of a more skeptical bent have reversed the order of causation, hypothesizing that penchant for antisocial behavior has, for certain individuals, precluded attainment of a stable position in the workforce. The Supported Work Demonstration was a project designed to test how these fundamental propositions apply to some of the groups in our society which are in the most desperate circumstances. It was a demonstration program which provided a direct work opportunity for former criminals, ex-drug addicts, young school dropouts, and women who had been receiving welfare for long periods of time.

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University of Wisconsin Press


Robinson G. Hollister, P. Kemper, and R. A. Maynard

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