The Unequal Distribution Of Economic Education: A Report On The Race, Ethnicity, And Gender Of Economics Majors At U.S. Colleges And Universities

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The Journal Of Economic Education


Economic education is distributed unequally. Among U.S. undergraduates, women and underrepresented minority students collectively major in economics at 0.36 the rate that white, non-Hispanic men do. The authors establish a definition of full inclusion in economic education and use that definition to evaluate the status quo and to compare institutions. A companion resource, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, provides interactive access to the data to attract and inform the attention of economists, university administrators, and others. The authors explain why the need to improve the distribution of economic education is urgent, including the imperative to support economic policymaking. Lastly, they point the way forward, identifying currently available resources and reasonable next steps for all involved parties to take.


Ethnicity, gender, inclusion, race, undergraduate economic education

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