Review Of "Obesity, Business And Public Policy" Edited By Z. J. Acs And A. Lyles

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As numerous major American cities propose and implement bans on trans fats in prepared foods, a book examining the causes, consequences, and solutions to the rising incidence of obesity could not be timelier. This work provides important insights into the economic and policy issues associated with obesity. Recognizing the complex interrelationships between medical and economic aspects of both causes and treatments, and the conflicts between personal and public policy considerations, the editors (professors, Univ. of Baltimore) offer a richly comprehensive approach. Beginning with the causes of obesity and effects on the individual, contributors consider the role of business and profit making (including food marketing and insurance) in causing and treating obesity. The government's role, including information dissemination and the potential for tax policy to change behavior, is also considered. Lessons to be learned from the tobacco industry experience are presented. The book concludes with a policy framework proposal, summarizing causes and consequences and offering recommendations for a multipronged solution. Although this volume focuses on the causes of, and responses to, obesity in the US, its general discussion and framework provide a useful introduction to analyzing obesity internationally. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduate through professional collections.


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