Review Of "The Political Economy Of Health Care Reforms" Edited By H. Zhou

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This volume, consisting of an introduction and six chapters drawn from lectures given in 1999-2000 at Western Michigan University, addresses supply-side and demand-side issues in the health care markets, as well as the policy context in which the market operates. Topics include Medicare reform, the social welfare effects of managed care, the problem of the uninsured, the relationship between health insurance and labor market activity, consumer behavior in the health market, and tax policy as a factor in health policy change. The range of topics makes the work somewhat disjointed, but it ultimately is integrated by the common approach taken by the authors--health economists--specifically in their successful efforts to use economic and policy analysis theory and reasoning to understand applied problems in the health care sector. The book presumes the reader has background in economic and political analysis and in the structure of the health sector; thus it will be most valuable to advanced students and researchers.


This work is freely available courtesy of Choice Reviews. The review has been reproduced in full in the abstract field.

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