Review Of "The Political Economy Of Social Inequalities: Consequences For Health And Quality Of Life" By V. Navarro

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This work is an important, unique contribution to the study of the theoretical and empirical relationship between social inequality and quality of life--especially health--and of the causes of that social inequality. Its range is both broad in the scope of topics and countries considered and quite deep and complex within chapters; this combination of characteristics, combined with the perspectives offered, contributes to its originality. Since about one-third of the chapters are authored or coauthored by the book's editor, there is a greater sense of cohesion than is typical of collections by multiple authors. The orientation of the book is generally critical of neoliberal or market-oriented policies, and its analyses are often at odds with more traditional understanding of the issues. A research review is followed by an examination of the theories of growth in inequality; critiques of the roles and responsibilities of international agencies; analyses of the relationship between neoliberalism and health policy and of the relationship between social inequality and health; and discussions of the significance of political context. Recommended for readers interested in inequality, health, and social policy and the social, political, and institutional context in which they develop and exist. Upper-division undergraduate through professional.


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