Internationalization And Globalization Of The American Economy

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Globalizing America: The USA In World Integration


"Globalization is a largely ungoverned process of deepening integration, in which American firms are the most active agents of structural change. There are general benefits, in terms of growth and employment, but there are also costs which can generate pressures for protection of the US home market. The book discusses that prospect while reviewing the expansion of interdependencies between the USA and the rest of the world." "The authors address questions in current business and policy literature regarding the structural linkages evolving in the globalization process. The authors conclude that the US administration and American firms have to be more responsive to the interests of the international community that are being vitally affected by the integrated effects of transnational production and world trade." "Globalizing America will be important reading for international business and international political economy scholars, and for planners in multinational firms." --BOOK JACKET

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Edward Elgar


T. L. Brewer And G. Boyd


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