The Asian Mode Of Production As An Economic System

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Book Review

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Journal Of Comparative Economics


Review Of "Sur Les Sociétés Précapitalistes: Textes Choisis De Marx, Engels, Lénine" By Centre D’Etudes Et De Recherches Marxistes; "Sur Le 'Mode De Production Asiatique'" 2nd Ed. By Centre D’Etudes Et De Recherches Marxistes; "The Soviet Theory Of Development: India And The Third World In Marxist-Leninist Scholarship" By S. Clarkson; "Pre-Capitalist Modes Of Production" By B. Hindess And P. Q. Hirst; "The Asiatic Mode Of Production: Sources, Development And Critique In The Writings Of Karl Marx" By L. Krader; "Marx And The Third World" By U. Melotti; "Islam And Capitalism" By M. Rodinson; "Ueber Asiatische Produktionsweisen" By G. Sofri; And "Essays On The Asiatic Mode Of Production" By F. Tökei.

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