Review Of "Intensive Course In Elementary Labanotation" By J. Beck

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Labanotation, a dance notation system first introduced by Rudolf von Laban in 1928, has been broadly taught and used in the dance world for more than 30 years. These tapes provide the first video supplement to traditional introductory lecture/lab courses in Labanotation or to the correspondence course available through the Dance Notation Bureau. There are a total of ten 30-minute sessions. Each alternates in format between a casual lecture and score reading/performing sequences with the students. Male and female students representing a variety of ethnic backgrounds and a range of technical abilities are featured. Jill Beck's presentation is animated, clear, and well paced. She responds to questions (which appear on screen) concisely and with good humor. Brief biographical/historical material about some choreographers is included as examples of their work are studied. To make maximum use of the tapes one needs accompanying copies of the book and audiocassette Elementary Reading Studies, ed. by P. Hackney, S. Manno, and M. Topaz (4th ed., 1983), available from the Dance Notation Bureau. Technically, the production aspects of the tapes are simple, but effective. Recommended for undergraduate libraries as a tutorial aid and for graduate libraries as an aid to potential teachers.


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