Review Of "Discovering Your Expressive Body: Basic Concepts In Dance Training Utilizing Bartenieff Fundamentals" By Princeton Book Company

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In this video, Peggy Hackney, a choreographer, writer, and performer who currently heads the Laban Movement Analysis training program in the dance department at the University of Washington, brings her considerable knowledge of Laban and Bartenieff theories to an audience of student dancers, and illustrates specific concepts in movement training using ideas developed by Irmgard Bartenieff. Some of the concepts explored include total body connectedness, vertical support, lower- and upper-body mobility, weight shift and propulsion, body half-actions, and spiraling. In addition to the author, the tape features the dancer Paul Loper, whose ease in movement is not so highly developed as Hackney's. Two cameras are used with simplicity and effectiveness for the most part. Somewhat disorienting is the use of Hackney both on camera and as voice-over speaker. This tape is of interest to a specialized audience of dance students and faculty, and it would be most relevant as an adjunct to dance courses in technique or analysis.


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