Review Of "Theoretical And Practical Treatise On Dancing" By G. Magri

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Skeaping was a dancer/teacher, choreographer, and scholar, as was Magri. Their common perspective contributes to the success of this first English version of Magri's treatise on 18th-century ballet technique. His 1779 Italian text provides a vital developmental link between pre-Romantic ballet and later classic ballet. Skeaping also wrote the related Dance Perspectives monograph Ballet Under the Three Crowns (1967), danced in Anna Pavlova's company, and directed the Royal Swedish Ballet (1953-62). Her interest in 18th-century dance and in Magri was fueled by her choreographic work in Sweden. Skeaping died before completing her book; it was finished by her assistant Irmgard Berry. Magri wrote this practical and theoretical guide as a dancer for other dancers. He and his translators assume readers will have a technical understanding of dance terminology and (ideally) the capacity to perform the steps and dances included. Descriptions are clearly worded and maintain Magri's style. Numerous useful notes and plates accompany the text. Valuable for graduate dance libraries, performers, and scholars in the field.


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