Review Of "Music For The Dance: Reflections On A Collaborative Art" By K. Teck

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Teck explores the creation and performance of music for ballet, modern concert dance, and musical theater dance in 20th-century America. The author writes from her perspective as a professional musician with a graduate degree in composition and extensive experience as an accompanist for dance. Dividing her study into four sections (Creation, Performance, Silent Artists Speak, and Toward the Future), Teck investigates issues that arise in music and dance collaborations. She presents personal interviews with composers, choreographers, conductors, and performers of both music and dance along with her own reflections on a number of interesting and rarely addressed issues. Two of the most engaging are "What is musicality in a dancer," and "How does one obtain new music for choreography?" Readers seeking more information also might see E. Sawyer's Dance with the Music: The World of the Ballet Musician (CH, Feb'87). Teck is preparing two companion volumes, "Music in the Dance Studio" and "Music in the Training of Dancers," which should be welcome additions to the literature. Recommended for undergraduates, community college students, and general readers.


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