Review Of "Movement To Music: Musicians In The Dance Studio" By K. Teck

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This book is a logical companion to Teck's Music for the Dance: Reflections on a Collaborative Art (CH, Apr'90) and extends the various investigations begun in that volume. Like the earlier book, this work includes many useful interviews with choreographers, dancers, dance teachers, composers, and musicians for dance. A wide variety of styles and perspectives is presented, making the book useful to those working in either music or dance as well as to a general audience. Teck achieves a balance between practical considerations regarding accompaniment (rhythmic and phrase accuracy, dynamics, sound quality, etc.) and less quantifiable, but equally critical issues such as improvisation techniques and future possibilities for training accompanists. She stresses, through illustration, the importance that mutual investment of collaborators plays in the success of ventures between dance and music in the classroom or on stage. Two appendixes provide insightful questions and information for studio musicians on theory and practice as well as resources for repertoire. Useful notes and a concise, but appropriate, bibliography are also included. Recommended for college and university libraries.


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