Review Of "The Dance Technique Of Lester Horton" By M. B. Perces, A. M. Forsythe, And C. Bell

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Essentially a manual for instruction in the Lester Horton technique of modern dance, this is the first book devoted solely to Horton's work, Larry Warren's Lester Horton (CH, Dec'77) having combined biography and lists of Horton's works with discussion of his choreography. Horton (1906-53) was a principal choreographer/teacher in the modern dance field in California from the 1940s until his untimely death at age 47. The authors bring various perspectives to this book: Perces was a student, dancer, and teacher at Horton's school; Bell and Forsythe learned the technique with James Truitte and Joyce Trisler, both of whom worked directly with Horton. The first section of the text presents a brief biography of Horton and reflections by his former student, renowned choreographer Bella Lewitzky. The second section, the principal part of the book, is devoted to an explanation of the basic vocabulary and a graduated syllabus in the Horton technique. Explanations of all exercises are clearly stated and are accompanied by suggestions regarding tempo and suitability for differing levels of students. The 32 drawings and black-and-white photographs are a useful aid. Recommended for use by college/university faculty, professionals, graduate students, and upper-level undergraduates in dance.


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