Review Of "Gestures Of Genius: Women, Dance, And The Body" By R. Vigier

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A Canadian with a background in philosophy and women's studies, Vigier focuses here on ways that dance has been used by women to construct social and spiritual meaning. Women in dance provide most of the material for this investigation. The book comprises three sections: the first is a brief and selective look at ways women have danced and been viewed throughout history; the second section records Vigier's impression of the impact of dance on three female artists (writers Zelda Fitzgerald and H.D. and painter Leonora Carrington); the final portion is a compilation of interviews with 12 female choreographer/dancers on the subject of the female body in dance. A very brief black-and-white photo essay (23 pictures) is also included. Vigier writes in a very colloquial style and is clear about the important role dance can play in the lives of women who, like herself, are not professionals as well as of those who pursue a career in dance. Unfortunately, the book's lack of complete reference citations and a bibliography severely restricts its use for students and scholars. Recommended for the general reader.


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