Review Of "Corporealities: Dancing Knowledge, Culture And Power" Edited By S. L. Foster

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Foster (Univ. of California, Riverside), author of the critically acclaimed Reading Dancing (CH, Apr'87), and nine other contributors present ten essays that explore diverse intersections between dance studies and cultural studies of the body. The fruitful result of the author's five months of weekly group meetings funded by the University of California Humanities Research Institute, the essays are best read as dialogue with one another. Covering a varied range of subjects (festivals; folk, social, and theatrical dances; pageants; ethnography), the articles share an interest in creating texts that require the reader's active engagement. Dance and the body serve as bridges across which the writers extend the definitions and boundaries of a discipline or style and reconsider issues of aesthetics, gender, politics, race, and sexuality. The selections are well written and challenging; this reviewer hopes that they generate equally stimulating responses and discussions across disciplines. The extensive endnotes, the few well-chosen black-and-white photos, and the bibliography will make this work particularly useful to scholars at the upper-division undergraduate level and above.


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