Review Of "Getting Your Kicks!: A Beginner's Guide To Choreography" By A. Gibbs

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Following Gibbs's first book, Let's Put On a Show! (1999), this 42-minute DVD, with its 32-page booklet, draws on her experience as a musical theater performer, director, and choreographer. Gibbs's target audience seems to be middle- and high-school students and their teachers or adult volunteers because the material is very simple and focuses on choreography for amateur musicals. Movement material is clearly presented in writing and on the DVD, where it is repeated in frontal and side orientations. A modest amount of basic vocabulary is explained and illustrated, either by the author or by her young students. The final section of the DVD includes several simple combinations of basic movements and demonstrates ways to use the concepts introduced in the earlier sections. Advice is included regarding varying stylistic presentation. No bibliography or other references are included. Summing Up: Recommended. General audiences with no professional experience.


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