Review Of "Engaging Bodies: The Politics And Poetics Of Corporeality" By A. C. Albright

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This is Albright's sixth book: she is author of Choreographing Difference (CH, May'98, 35-4996), Traces of Light (CH, May'08, 45-4896), and Modern Gestures (2010), and she coedited two other volumes. The present title comprises pieces Albright (Oberlin College) has written over 35 years. In a brief introduction, the author provides insight into her methodology for selecting the material and notes her hopes for the interdisciplinary uses of this volume. These writings range from historically focused essays to pieces of a more philosophical nature; a number of the pieces were originally written as reviews. Throughout the reader encounters Albright's continuing interest in the intersections of critical and feminist theory and the practical, kinesthetic experiences of the dancing body. The 41 essays (including an afterword) are divided into six sections: "Performance Writings," "Feminist Theories," "Dancing Histories," "Contact Improvisation," "Pedagogy," and "Occasional Pieces." Entries from the mid-1980s are placed in dialogue with those written in the past few years. Brief, accessible pieces and pieces that require deep theoretical grounding are intermingled. Well balanced overall, the book will be useful for young scholar artists and their mentors. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty/professionals.


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