Review Of "Dance And Gender: An Evidence-Based Approach" Edited By W. Oliver And D. Risner

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Research focused on dance and gender began to appear and gain momentum in the 1990s. This volume—which includes nine essays by 11 contributors (including the editors), two of them independent dance artists, the other nine dance educators working in studio and higher education settings in the US, Canada, and Australia—asks what has changed regarding dance and gender since the 1990s. Essays (all of which include an empirical study) investigate gender equity in Western concert dance and gender in relation to studio and higher education environments. Concerns addressed include distribution of funding, employment, and awards in relation to gender; the effect of dance competition culture on constructions of gender; gender parity among choreographers and artistic directors; and leadership and gender in postsecondary dance. Oliver (Providence College) and Risner (Wayne State Univ.), both professors of dance, have previous publications (coedited and individually written) to their credit. A comprehensive bibliography makes this a useful resource for future researchers interested in the ways that gender in dance intersects with class, race, and sexual orientation. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty.


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