SWAT: Cross-Lingual Lexical Substitution Using Local Context Matching, Bilingual Dictionaries And Machine Translation

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Conference Proceeding

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SemEval '10 Proceedings Of The 5th International Workshop On Semantic Evaluation


We present two systems that select the most appropriate Spanish substitutes for a marked word in an English test sentence. These systems were official entries to the SemEval-2010 Cross-Lingual Lexical Substitution task. The first system, Swat-E, finds Spanish substitutions by first finding English substitutions in the English sentence and then translating these substitutions into Spanish using an English-Spanish dictionary. The second system, Swat-S, translates each English sentence into Spanish and then finds the Spanish substitutions in the Spanish sentence. Both systems exceeded the baseline and all other participating systems by a wide margin using one of the two official scoring metrics.

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Association For Computational Linguistics


5th International Workshop On Semantic Evaluations

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July 15-16, 2010

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Los Angeles, CA