Developing A Pre- And Post-Course Concept Inventory To Gauge Operating Systems Learning

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Proceedings Of The 45th ACM Technical Symposium On Computer Science Education


Operating systems courses often present students with multiple approaches to solve a problem, often with differing trade-offs. While students are more than capable of memorizing the details of these competing approaches, they often struggle to recommend a specific approach and analyze its implications. In particular, we find that students exhibit difficultly in interpreting text-based scenario descriptions in a way that allows them to correctly choose between potential solutions when presented with a high-level, conceptual scenario. In this paper, we describe the development of a pre- and post-course concept inventory, which we utilize to explore students' misconceptions of operating systems and their associated trade-offs. We compare the results of our assessment with in-class peer instruction questions and exam questions to characterize the areas in which students most commonly struggle with operating systems material.


concept inventory, misconceptions, operating systems

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45th ACM Technical Symposium On Computer Science Education

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March 5-8, 2014

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Atlanta, GA