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Artificial Intelligence In Medicine

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Lecture Notes In Computer Science


Parkinson’s, a progressive neural disorder, is difficult to identify due to the hidden nature of the symptoms associated. We present a machine learning approach that uses a definite set of features obtained from the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) study as input and classifies them into one of two classes: PD (Parkinson’s disease) and HC (Healthy Control). As far as we know this is the first work in applying machine learning algorithms for classifying patients with Parkinson’s disease with the involvement of domain expert during the feature selection process. We evaluate our approach on 1194 patients acquired from Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative and show that it achieves a state-of-the-art performance with minimal feature engineering.


functional gradient boosting, Parkinson's, human advice

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A. ten Teije, C. Popow, J. H. Holmes, And L. Sacchi


16th Conference On Artificial Intelligence In Medicine

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June 21-24, 2017

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Vienna, Austria


This work is a preprint that has been provided to PubMed Central courtesy of Springer.