A Situated Vacuuming Robot

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Proceedings Of The Fourteenth National Conference On Artificial Intelligence


We undertook this project as an opportunity to explore design ideals of the embodied approach. At our disposal was a Pioneer robot and its Saphira software (ActivMedia 1996). Similar to subsumption architecture (Brooks 1986), the Saphira software tackles the dilemma of how to implement layered control design within a system which is inherently centralized. Brooks saw each layer as a simple and almost independent computational entity and, likewise, Saphira allows us to create a hierarchy of behaviors that each have the capacity to function simultaneously and yet asynchronously. Just as Brooks proposed a means by which one level can subsume a lower level by inhibiting its output, so behaviors can each be assigned a priority.

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AAAI Press


The Fourteenth National Conference On Artificial Intelligence

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July 27-31, 1997

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Providence, RI