Non-Adaptive Data Structures For Predecessor Search

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37th IARCS Annual Conference On Foundations Of Software Technology And Theoretical Computer Science

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Leibniz International Proceedings In Informatics


In this work, we continue the examination of the role non-adaptivity plays in maintaining dynamic data structures, initiated by Brody and Larsen. We consider non-adaptive data structures for predecessor search in the w-bit cell probe model. In this problem, the goal is to dynamically maintain a subset T of up to n elements from {1, ..., m}, while supporting insertions, deletions, and a predecessor query Pred(x), which returns the largest element in T that is less than or equal to x. Predecessor search is one of the most well-studied data structure problems. For this problem, using non-adaptivity comes at a steep price. We provide exponential cell probe complexity separations between (i) adaptive and non-adaptive data structures and (ii) non-adaptive and memoryless data structures for predecessor search. A classic data structure of van Emde Boas solves dynamic predecessor search in log(log(m)) probes; this data structure is adaptive. For dynamic data structures which make non-adaptive updates, we show the cell probe complexity is O(log(m)/log(w/log(m))). We also give a nearly-matching Omega(log(m)/log(w)) lower bound. We also give an m/w lower bound for memoryless data structures. Our lower bound technique is tailored to non-adaptive (as opposed to memoryless) updates and might be of independent interest.


dynamic data structures, lower bounds, predecessor search, non-adaptivity

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Schloss Dagstuhl


S. Lokam and R. Ramanujam


37th IARCS Annual Conference On Foundations Of Software Technology And Theoretical Computer Science

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December 12-14, 2017

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Kanpur, India

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