Optimal Separation And Strong Direct Sum For Randomized Query Complexity

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34th Computational Complexity Conference


We establish two results regarding the query complexity of bounded-error randomized algorithms. Bounded-error separation theorem. There exists a total function f : {0,1}^n -> {0,1} whose epsilon-error randomized query complexity satisfies overline{R}_epsilon(f) = Omega(R(f) * log 1/epsilon). Strong direct sum theorem. For every function f and every k >= 2, the randomized query complexity of computing k instances of f simultaneously satisfies overline{R}_epsilon(f^k) = Theta(k * overline{R}_{epsilon/k}(f)). As a consequence of our two main results, we obtain an optimal superlinear direct-sum-type theorem for randomized query complexity: there exists a function f for which R(f^k) = Theta(k log k * R(f)). This answers an open question of Drucker (2012). Combining this result with the query-to-communication complexity lifting theorem of Göös, Pitassi, and Watson (2017), this also shows that there is a total function whose public-coin randomized communication complexity satisfies R^{cc}(f^k) = Theta(k log k * R^{cc}(f)), answering a question of Feder, Kushilevitz, Naor, and Nisan (1995).


Decision trees, query complexity, communication complexity}

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Schloss Dagstuhl: Leibniz-Zentrum Fuer Informatik


A. Shpilka


34th Computational Complexity Conference

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July 18-20, 2019

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New Brunswick, NJ

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