Synthesis And Diastereoselective Complexation Of Enantiopure Sulfinyl Dienes: The Preparation Of Sulfinyl Iron(0) Dienes

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Journal Of Organic Chemistry


The preparation of a diverse array of enantiomerically pure 1- and 2-sulfinyl dienes has been achieved via Stille coupling of halovinyl sulfoxides and vinyl stannanes, hydrogenation of 1-sulfinyl-1-en-3-ynes, or vinylcupration of 1-sulfinyl alkynes. Formation of the corresponding sulfinyl diene iron(0) tricarbonyl complexes was accomplished by utilizing Fe(CO)(5)/NMO or (bda)Fe(CO)(3) as iron(0) tricarbonyl transfer reagents. Installation of the iron(0) tricarbonyl fragment was shown to be highly diastereoselective (10-16:1) for (R)-(1Z)-1-sulfinyl dienes, most likely as a result of allylic 1,3-strain. The synthesis of a 1-sulfinyl-1,3,8,10-tetraene is also described.

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