Pegylation Of Magnetically Oriented Lipid Bilayers

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Journal Of Magnetic Resonance


We report NMR data for magnetically oriented phospholipid bilayers which have been doped with a lipid derivatized with a polyethylene glycol polymer headgroup to stabilize samples against aggregation. C-13, P-31, and H-2 NMR data indicate that the incorporation of PEG2000-PE (1% molar to DMPC) does not interfere with the orientation properties of bicelles prepared at 25% w/v with or without the presence of lanthanide. Bicelles prepared at 10% w/v are also shown to orient when PEG2000-PE is added. The addition of PEG2000-PE to cholesterol-containing, lanthanide-flipped bicelles is shown to inhibit sample phase separation and improve spectral quality. Furthermore, the addition of PEG2000-PE to high w/v bicelles (40% w/v) is demonstrated to lead to an increase in overall sample order. (C) 2000 Academic Press.

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