Nonadiabatic Effects On The Dynamics Of The NeICl Van Der Waals Complex

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Conference Proceeding

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Dynamics Of Polyatomic Van Der Waals Complexes

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Electronic state changing processes have been directly observed in the dissociation of NeIC1 complexes excited to a high-lying ion-pair state of ICl (~ 39,000 cm−1). The complex is prepared in the ion-pair state by an optical-optical double resonance technique through a long-lived intermediate level in the A electronic state. Following excitation of the complex, dispersed fluorescence has been detected on the E → X and D’ → A’ transitions, indicating the presence of nonadiabatic interactions in the complex that are absent in uncomplexed ICI. Vibrational predissociation with a strong propensity for ΔvIC1 = −1 relaxation has also been observed. The electronic state changing pathways are found to be sensitive to both the initial ICl vibrational level of the NeIC1 complex as well as the degree of excitation of the Van der Waals vibrational modes.

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N. Halberstadt and K. C. Janda, eds.


NATO Advanced Research Workshop On Dynamics Of Polyatomic Van Der Waals Complexes

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August 21-26, 1989

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Château De Bonas, Castéra-Verduzan, France

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