Interaction With DNA Of The Novel Cationic Complex (2, 2′: 6′, 2″-Terpyridine)Methyl Platinum(II)

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Il Nuovo Cimento D


The planarity and electron delocalization of the 2, 2′:6′, 2″-terpyridine (terpy) moiety in salts of the type [Pt(terpy)Me]X leads to extensive stacking interactions in aqueous solution. UV/VIS, 1H NMR and resonance light scattering spectra provide evidence for the tendency of the complex to form large aggregates even under low ionic strength conditions. The interaction of the cationic complex with calf thymus DNA was investigated by spectroscopic techniques and mobility assays. At high r f ratios the complex seems to form extended aggregates on the surface of the nucleic acid but at lower r f evidence was obtained for intercalation.


Molecular biophysics


I International Conference on Scaling Concepts and Complex Fluids

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Juy 4-8, 1994

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Copanello, Italy

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