Interactions In Aqueous Nonelectrolyte Systems: Gibbs Energy Of Interaction Of The Ether Group With The Hydroxyl Group And The Amide Group

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Journal Of Solution Chemistry


Freezing temperatures of dilute aqueous solutions of equimolar mixtures of 1,3,5-trioxane with myo-inositol, d-mannitol, cyclohexanol, formamide, and acetamide, and 1,4-dioxane with myo-inositol, d-mannitol, formamide, and acetamide have been measured. These data yield pairwise Gibbs energies of interactions between the molecules in an aqueous solution. Using the group additivity principle, the results also yield the pairwise functional group Gibbs energies of interaction for the ether group with the hydroxyl and amide group. These results have been combined with all available data from the literature to yield the Gibbs energy and enthalpy of interaction of amides, ethers, alcohols, and saccharides in aqueous solution.


Freezing points, aqueous solutions, group interactions, trioxane, dioxane, inositol, mannitol, cyclohexanol, formamide, acetamide