Heat Capacity Of Aqueous Iron Dichloride From 349 To 597 K

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Journal Of Chemical And Engineering Data


A differential, flow, heat-capaclty calorimeter has been used to measure the heat capaclty of FeCl₂(aq) at molailties from 0.06 to 3.5 mol kg⁻¹ and temperatures from 350 to 600 K at a pressure near 17.9 MPa. The results do not show the large negatlive values of C(p,φ) characteristic of strong electrolytes at high temperatures and low molalities, indicating that FeCl₂(aq) llke NICI₂(aq) Is mainly undissociated at high temperatures and molalities above 0.06 mol kg⁻¹. A sharp maximum in C(p,φ) versus temperature may be due to the effects of assoclatlon equilibria.

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