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Plant Signaling And Behavior


The establishment of localized auxin gradients plays a central role in developmental patterning in plants. Auxin levels and responses have been shown to increase with temperature although developmental patterning is not affected. This suggests the existence of a homeostatic mechanism that ensures that patterning occurs normally over a range of temperatures. We recently described the cloning and characterization of BOBBER1 (BOB1), an Arabidopsis gene which encodes a small heat shock protein. BOB1 is required for the establishment of auxin gradients and for normal developmental patterning. BOB1 is also required for organismal thermotolerance and localizes to heat shock granules at elevated temperatures. Since BOB1 functions in both temperature responses and developmental patterning we propose that BOB1 may encode a component of a developmental temperature compensation mechanism.


This work has been provided to PubMed Central courtesy of Taylor and Francis for the Society of Plant Signaling and Behavior and Landes Bioscience.