Wonder And The Necessary Alliances Of Science And Religion

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Winter 2-16-2013

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Euresis Journal


Both science and religion claim descent from wonder. In the first part of this essay, I analyze these paths of descent and use this common origin from wonder to model how science and religion could creatively act in concert. In the second portion of this essay, I try to show how new concepts of evolution coming from developmental biology and symbiosis research strengthen the links between science and religion. These concepts place the competitive model of evolution within a larger non-competitive, and even cooperative, framework. I use embryological models to discuss how new things are generated by interactions between prior entities that are different from one another yet sharing underlying similarity. In the third portion of the essay, I document the need for concerted action of science with religion in the conflicts and alliances between three great centers of social power: science, religion, and corporate interest. Recent data has shown the immediate need for strong alliances between science and religion in preserving wonder and life as we know it.