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Plant Cell


The apical domain of the embryo is partitioned into distinct regions that will give rise to the cotyledons and the shoot apical meristem. In this article, we describe a novel screen to identify Arabidopsis thaliana embryo arrest mutants that are defective in this partitioning, and we describe the phenotype of one such mutant, bobber1. bobber1 mutants arrest at the globular stage of development, they express the meristem-specific SHOOTMERISTEMLESS gene throughout the top half of the embryo, and they fail to express the AINTEGUMENTA transcript normally found in cotyledons. Thus, BOBBER1 is required to limit the extent of the meristem domain and/or to promote the development of the cotyledon domains. Based on expression of early markers for apical development, bobber1 mutants differentiate protodermis and undergo normal early apical development. Consistent with a role for auxin in cotyledon development, BOBBER1 mutants fail to express localized maxima of the DR5:green fluorescent protein reporter. BOBBER1 encodes a protein with homology to the Aspergillus nidulans protein NUDC that has similarity to protein chaperones, indicating a possible role for BOBBER1 in synthesis or transport of proteins involved in patterning the Arabidopsis embryo.


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