Review Of "Return Of The Peregrine: A North American Saga Of Tenacity And Teamwork" Edited By T. J. Cade, W. Burnham, And P. Burnham

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There are few success stories in the recovery of endangered species, and the return of the peregrine falcon to North American skies is one of the best. In 1969 the peregrine was gone from the Eastern U.S., and all other populations were plummeting. The culprit, DDT, was the most widely used pesticide in the world; banning it was unthinkable. Yet today, due to a multinational coalition of governments, non-profit organizations, and individuals, the peregrine is perhaps as common as it was before DDT. Sixty-nine authors associated with the Peregrine Fund tell their own story: raising 10,000 falcons, harrowing releases, bureaucratic battles, and an education program that reached 60 million Americans. Longer reviews of major topics are interspersed with gripping personal accounts, often relating how young families sacrificed careers and home to work for 20 or 30 years on the project, raising their children in offices or bird-propagating barns. This large-format book is lavishly illustrated with photographs and superb portraits of the peregrine by leading wildlife artists. Included are a short bibliography for the eastern US reintroductions (none for other areas) and a brief list of cited literature. Despite the frequent use of technical falconry terms, this book will provide enjoyment to a wide range of readers. Summing Up: Recommended. All levels.


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