Review Of "To Save The Wild Bison: Life On The Edge In Yellowstone" By M. A. Franke

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Franke (a professional writer) provides a detailed and slow-moving account of the tortuous 120-year history of the battles between Yellowstone National Park, Native Americans, ranchers, and environmental advocates. The story does not progress toward a resolution but circles endlessly, crossing the same ground again and again. Few general readers outside Montana will find that the book captures their interest, and its primary audience will be undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals with an interest in the bureaucratic and legal history of the conflict. The book is carefully annotated with many black-and-white illustrations and graphs, and the index is extensive. There is no bibliography, but the author provides 32 selected references. The language is not technical, and all terms are carefully explained so that general readers and undergraduates will not find the book difficult to read. Although the author has tried to be evenhanded, Western readers may perceive a bias against ranching and snowmobiling interests. Summing Up: Optional. All levels.


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