Review Of "Reflections Of A Whale-Watcher" By M. A. Gilders

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This rambling account of the author's several trips to Baja California on a whale-watching boat is written in the florid style of a 19th-century travelogue. Anecdotal reports of the behavior of observed whales are interlaced with the natural history of the area, travel tips, the excesses of whaling, personal reminiscences, mythology, mysticism, literary references, quotes, and a 16-page list of endangered species. Although the book contains a wealth of information, it is not organized in a useful way, sources are not referenced, and there is no index. There are several pages of color and black-and-white photographs of whales, other animals, and of the landscape of Baja California. Four maps of the area are provided. The book's primary use will be as light reading for the general reader rather than as a source of information on whales.


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