Review Of "The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behaviour, And Interactions With People" Edited By J. Serpell

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This symposium volume concentrates on interactions between humans and dogs. The 17 chapters by 21 authors cover factors that affect dog behavior, including breed, early training and owner personality, animal welfare, and human companions. The social behavior of feral dogs and the origins and evolution of dogs are also discussed. Most of this material is not readily available elsewhere. Black-and-white photographs, line drawings, and graphs illustrate the book; references are provided with each chapter. The topics covered will appeal to a wide range of readers, but the writing is at the graduate/advanced undergraduate level and at times is rather technical, which will limit the book's readership. Valuable for graduate and professional-level library collections and may be useful as reference material for undergraduates and some general readers.


This work is freely available courtesy of Choice Reviews. The review has been reproduced in full in the abstract field.

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