Review Of "The Behavioural Biology Of Aggression" By J. Archer

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This slender but expensive volume, aimed at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level, is a synthesis of biological approaches to aggression. Archer does not break new ground but gives a coherent review of work in this field that will be especially useful to psychologists and biologists not familiar with current work in behavior. Aggression is divided into protective and competitive forms including parental and courtship behavior. Following a historical review, Archer covers many studies from lower invertebrates, insects, arachnids, birds, and mammals. His coverage of behavioral ecology is extensive including optimization, game theory, and gender-specific strategies. Physiological and ecological studies are covered in less detail. The text is refreshingly free of jargon; figures are few but clear and useful. The 40 pages of references and the author and subject indexes are well done.


This work is freely available courtesy of Choice Reviews. The review has been reproduced in full in the abstract field.

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