Review Of "Intraspecific Variation In The Social Systems Of Wild Vertebrates" By D. F. Lott

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The perennial question of how to deal with individual variation in animal behavior is again addressed by Lott, this time from the new perspective of behavioral ecology, reflecting the maturation of that field. Lott's review is preliminary and somewhat superficial, and is most useful for raising questions concerning the variability of evolved behavior. Alternative variations in behavior are grouped under the headings of spatial distribution, mating, and parental care. Mechanisms accounting for the variation are reviewed and are related to the more classical categories of alternative behavioral strategies. In the final chapters the author considers how this new information may be used in behavioral, ecological, and resource management studies. The writing is nontechnical with a minimum of jargon. Literature on a particular subject is often summarized in tabular form; there are a few graphs but no photographs. Extensive bibliography. The work will be most useful for advanced undergraduates and graduates.


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