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Fall 2017

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Introduction To Spanish Literature/Introducción A La Literatura Española


This course covers the history of Spanish literature from its medieval origins to the latest developments in electronic literature. Through readings of representative works, we will consider the nature and role of literature in times of political and civic upheaval, and in relation to the soaring ideologies and crushing defeats that mark the changing social, economic, and political conditions in Spain throughout the centuries. Readings represent particular literary periods, genres and styles, including medieval epic, renaissance lyric poetry, baroque theater and the origins of the novel, romantic poetry, realist fiction, surrealist poetry, and postmodern electronic pastiche. This course also places a strong emphasis on developing students’ abilities to think, speak and write critically in Spanish. Along with the focus on critical thought and expression, this course will introduce students to various tools and methods of Digital Humanities as we develop a digital showcase of the material examined throughout the semester.

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Swarthmore College Provost Office

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Professor Eli Cohen was awarded a Digital Humanities Curricular Grant from the Swarthmore College Provost's Office for use in his Fall 2017 course, Introduction To Spanish Literature/Introducción A La Literatura Española (SPAN 22). The course syllabus and assignment instructions are made freely available here courtesy of the author.