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The final project was the opportunity for students to explore some question in Internet Linguistics that interested them. They were asked to produce two final products: one academic paper, and one public-facing product. The paper followed the norms of a standard academic paper. The audience for this was the instructor, fellow student, and (potentially) a wider academic community. The public-facing product was an opportunity to be more creative with form. Students were asked to decide: What audience do you want to share this with, and how would that best be achieved? Students might record a video for YouTube; edit/create Wikipedia pages; create a webcomic; write a blog post with links to relevant information; create a Buzzfeed-style quiz; write a listicle (#7 will shock you!); make a game, or other ideas.

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Swarthmore College Provost Office

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Professor Miranda Weinberg was awarded a Digital Humanities Curricular Grant from the Provost's Office for use in her spring 2020 course, Internet Linguistics (Ling 004B). The course syllabus, assignment instructions, and course Twitter account are made freely available here courtesy of the author.

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