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Spring 2019

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Black Culture In A "Post-Soul" Era


For the DH version of this longstanding course, the major project at the center of it involves writing, revising, editing, and/or expanding relevant articles on Wikipedia, thereby making students responsible for the production of accessible knowledge that serves publics well beyond the classroom. Working in pairs, students research and produce (or substantially revise) a Wikipedia article directly related to material assigned for the course. With resources provided by Wiki Education and support provided by Nabil Kashyap, Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Scholarship and subject specialist in English Literature, students work through the course dashboard online and follow a semester-long timeline of weekly training, exercises, discussion, peer review, and revision—all scaffolding for the final, published article. Finally, students write short reflections about their experiences once they complete their articles.

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Swarthmore College Provost Office


Professor Anthony Foy was awarded a Digital Humanities Curricular Grant from the Provost's Office for use in his spring 2019 course, Black Culture In A "Post-Soul" Era (ENGL 068). The course syllabus, assignment examples, and course dashboard are made freely available here courtesy of the authors.

Students produced the following articles for Wikipedia:

"Post-soul" by Chioma Anomnachi, Tiara Tillis, and Faith Booker
"Caucasia (novel)" by Kayla Sembly and Carole Lee
"I Am Not Sidney Poitier (novel)" by Paul Buchanan and Alexander Starr
"Sarah Phillips (novel)" by Alexis Riddick and Kieran McKenna